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Be Your Hero

Story of Jennifer Golin

Jennifer Golin is the founder and owner of Splendid Skin, a medical spa boutique in Franklin, Tennessee. E-Woman spoke with this vibrant entrepreneur, wife, and mother of four about her journey toward expressing her God-given talent in the workplace while nurturing her family at home. It was a desire to do something creative. I worked at Vanderbilt Hospital for over a decade as a nurse. Although there were things about that job I enjoyed, I wasn’t fulfilling my need for creativity and sharing it with the world.

Own Who You Are

Story of Leena Kollar

Life is too short to stay in a relationship where you can’t be who you are. And if you feel like you have to walk on eggshells, you’re in the wrong relationship. Like many women, Leena Kollar learned those lessons the hard way. For almost ten years, she endured an abusive marriage with a narcissistic man who built himself up by constantly tearing her down.


E Woman Fell Good in Your Skin

Running For Her Life

Story of Christina Mathesius

When you meet Christina Mathesius she immediately strikes you as a woman comfortable in her skin. She’s charming, relaxed, and her face radiates a healthy glow. Christina will tell you that glow radiates, not from hours in a spa, but from literally fighting for her life. Born in Germany, Christina was raised in the spotlight of politics when her father became mayor and later a district governor in the southern part of Germany.


Don’t Be Afraid

Story of Alison Cromie

Alison Cromie, President of Cromie Creative Consultants, is a small business owner and singer who recently sat down to talk with E Woman. Alison was taken advantage of by one of her babysitters when she was between four and six. During this time, he touched her and she touched him, however


I Hope You Dance

Story of Olivia Haley

Olivia Haley’s life is like a song—one filled with high and low notes, along with the occasional off-key one. But through it all, she keeps moving to a melody all her own. She believes life is a dance you learn as you go, living it to the fullest is the key to happiness. Hailey’s full life includes a 53-year-marriage to her high school sweetheart, Jim, two children, five grandchildren, and a reign as Ms. Senior America 2008.


The Unexpected Path of a Beautiful Soul

Story of Aruzhan Toleubay

When Kazakhstan native Aruzhan Toleubay was fourteen, she dreamed of studying in the United States. Her protective parents gently said no. But Aruzhan’s heart kept beating yes, yes, yes! “I would sit on my bed and say over and over again: I’m thankful that I am studying in the United States. So, I was grateful for something that I did not yet have, but I manifested it by focusing on it,” Aruzhan recalls.