About eWoman

Our Mission

E Woman is on a mission to help single mothers with special needs children in Central Asia find the resources they need to thrive. Our efforts have started in Gazalkent, Uzbekistan where we have been able to provide families with countless needs already such as winter coats, food, and the skills they need to help support their families. It is our goal to start building safe houses where these families can support each other and get the care they need.  

Much needed items are provided to single mothers in need. Your support keeps special needs children off the streets and provides them with the amenities they need for every day living.

You can make a difference!

Donate now to support a single mom and her special needs child.

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Support & Connection

E Woman creates a space for you to be yourself without a speck of judgement. Sign up, create your own profile, and start sharing your thoughts, finding support, and helping others. You always have the option of being anonymous, too!

Overcoming Adversity Leads to Authenticity

Life’s difficulties teach and lead us to our authentic selves. By taking our struggles one day at a time, together, we grow in collective wisdom. In turn, we help our daughters, sisters, and friends find their happiness.

E Woman creates a space for you to be yourself without a speck of judgement. By signing up, you will be able to get your own page where you can share your thoughts, look for advice in the support groups you follow, and help others with the option of being anonymous.

We pride ourselves on encouraging women to speak up about their experiences and what led them to where they are now.

You Are Not Alone